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07 Jan '16

A New Start

Posted by Sajeeva Fernando

The start of every year is usually mixed emotions for me from a business perspective because all the books, numbers and hard work from the entire year is reset and everything starts from zero. Then again, it is also a time to reflect and look to new beginnings and it is always a great time to make the adjustments and necessary changes to improve your business.

Naturally, increasing your brand visibility in 2016 would be one of the best things you could do for your business. Major corporations invest very large sums of money to promote their name and position their brand in the sea of advertising overload, but it results in major returns and significant growth. Such large expeditures are perhaps not feasible for the small business owners...that's why our Groove Cups are a very economical and extremely effective way of standing out from the rest. 

In the coming months I will write more about the effectiveness of branding and even some success stories of our customers. 

For now, I will leave you with this one thought - Make 2016 the year you do more to grow your brand. Whether you do it using our Groove Cups or other means, the importance of name recognition is going to be a key factor in your business growth and continued success.